Dani – 2014

Choosing Megan to be our doula was one of the best decisions we made for our second pregnancy. She was professional but still approachable, making us feel completely at ease.  Throughout our pregnancy, she took the time to find out what we wanted for the birth of our baby and made it a point to help us with whatever we needed along the way.

At 37 weeks we found out that our baby was breech, and as a result we had a number of things to consider: What could we do to turn the baby? What happens if the baby doesn’t turn on his/her own? Could we deliver naturally or did we need to schedule a C-section? Throughout this process Megan went out of her way to provide us with a ton of helpful resources that she had discovered through her own research.

Despite our best efforts, baby had other plans and decided to stay head up. We chose to do a trial of labour, and once that decision had been made, Megan again found us information on natural breech births.

When I finally went into labour, she was amazing. Her direction was incredibly helpful and she provided exactly the right feedback that I needed. My labour was intense and we came very close to having to have an emergency C-section, but through it all Megan was such a calming presence and source of strength. Her reassurance helped to keep me focused on what I needed to do and I was able to give birth naturally to a healthy, breech baby boy!

I am so grateful for Megan’s care and expertise and am incredibly thankful we decided to user her for this pregnancy and birth. It was such an awesome experience and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to hire a doula.