SUSTAIN – to ‘strengthen or support physically or mentally … for an extended period, without interruption’.

As a doula, my desire is to help sustain women and their families through the incredible, life changing experience of pregnancy and childbirth. To do this I use the holistic concept of HEAD, HEART, HANDS … the mental, the emotional, the physical.

HEAD – Labour and delivery can be empowering or traumatic, depending on your perspective. To help make it overwhelmingly positive, I provide resources and knowledge necessary to clarify your experience and prepare you to make informed decisions each step of the way.

HEART – I believe that every woman possesses personal strength and self-confidence. Friends and family can either hinder or encourage these qualities. My role is to provide encouragement and help you maximize your strength and improve your confidence … for when you need it most!

HANDS – A women’s body is incredible! So rather than working against it, I seek to work with it. I help you fully realize your amazing physical potential.

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